Elven Rogue (Bard)


Tali grew up in the capital of the Airest Islands. Well, grew up is a relative term. She survived in the capital of the Airest Islands. You see, when Tali was a child, barely old enough to walk and talk, her parents left her on the streets.
She remembers one of them (though she can’t remember which one) telling her to stay near the apple cart while they went to go talk to a friend.
That is all she remembers.
Luckily she was a smart child and figured out fast what she needed to do to survive.
When you are young and cute people will feel sorry if you tell them you are hungry and will give you food.
When you are not so young sometimes you just have to take it.
She got really good at taking things.

But more lessons came fast. You see, if you dress like the type of person who takes things and act all sulking like the type of person who takes things, people don’t like you coming into their establishments.
So, she learned how to sing.
And how to play a Lute.
Just enough.
Just enough to make people think she was actually a Bard.
Everyone loves a Bard.
A Bard brings business. And the more business she brought in the busier the establishment would be, which would mean it was easier to pickpockets.

She isn’t the type that trust very easy, and a lot of social interactions are alien to her. Concepts like “true love” and “forever” are fairy tales that she tells for a gold piece or two. If you get close to someone, they will hurt you in the end. It is better to stay your distance and only work for yourself.


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