Alyeria is the sister to the world of Carpentaria, it exists in the space between the atoms of Carpentaria. As Carpentaria exists in the space between the atoms of Alyeria. So close but forever never touching the other only dancing just out of reach. Carpentaria is on the verge of collapse and the vacuum of its destruction, could easily wipe away Alyeria as well. No one in Alyeria knows of the danger happening in every ‘empty’ space around them and even if they did there is nothing they can do.

Instead Alyerians focuse on the problems of their own world, the big and the small. The King of Diransi’s health rapidly fades, cities in the southern Gulden grow to quickly with nowhere but desert to go and famed explorer Rufus Cordover notices a strange glow coming from the Ruins of Xthal. All of this pales in comparison to the rumbling coming from The Silent Peak far out at sea, a once dead place springing back to life.

With all of this happening in Alyeria, the Heroes must be engaged right in the heart of matters….right? Or they might be carousing at a local tavern until someone kicks them into action.


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Alyeria Chronicles

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