Aprinis Desert

Blocking the way to the Southern Cities, is the Aprinis Desert and in the very center of the Desert is the Mijloc. It’s a waste land where only the most skilled guides can take a party safely through, as sandstorms, vicious sandworms and the heat can kill anyone. Many nomadic tribes wander through the outskirts of the Mijloc as they have done for thousands of years. There are two towns that act as ports in and out of the most dangerous part of the Aprinis Desert, Utara in the north and Selatan in the south.




Leading Tribe – Rael

Raposo’Rael – The Cunning

Council Tribes – Allo

Oso’Allo – The Strong
Tartarugas’Allo – The Hardened
Curuax’Allo – The Most Wise

Veteran Tribes – Maal

Lince’Maal – The Hunters
Paxaro’Maal – Those Who Can Fly
Aero’Maal – The Unforgotten
Vaca’Maal – The Old Ones
Flor’Maal – Those Who Cannot Move

Foundling Tribes – Kaal

Tjzir’Kaal – The Seekers
Rexistro’Kaal – The Records
Luz’Kaal – Those Like Lightening
Raso’Kaal – The Deep
Liga’Kaal – The Bright
Vento’Kaal – The Cool
Savel’Kaal – The Strange
Etos’Kaal – Those That Think
Salto’Kaal – Those That Leap
Camino’Kaal – The Lost

Exiled Tribes – Saal

Ronson’Saal – The Betrayers
Baleiro’Saal – Those Who Lost Their Hearts


Aprinis Desert

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