Ölü Mirası

The Killer of Families


Aura strong necromancy; CL 20th

Slot hand; Weight 5 lbs.

If it is used to pierce the heart of the youngest family member anyone who has a direct relation to them within seven generation will die. It is an automatic death and they cannot be resurrected. This can only be gotten around by an Unlimited Wish.



High Priestess Mina Nilam Tiryaki of Biçimli created the Ölü Mirası to destroy Aygül Nuray Değirmenci. She did not just want to kill Aygül, Mina wished to destroy everything she loved. So the night that Aygül gave birth to her third child the High Priestess stole way into her home. Mina stabbed the baby and set out a chain reaction that wiped out their entire culture. The event was so dramatic that everything on the island died including sound.

Ölü Mirası

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