Andar's Main-Gauche

Andar's Secondary Weapon

weapon (melee)
Weapon: Short Sword
Enhancement: +1
Abilities: Dueling

A dueling weapon (which must be a weapon that can be used with the Weapon Finesse feat) gives the wielder a +4 enhancement bonus on initiative checks, provided the weapon is drawn and in hand when the Initiative check is made. It provides a +2 bonus on disarm checks and feint checks, a +2 bonus to CMD to resist disarm attempts, and a +2 to the DC to perform a feint against the wielder.


Andar acquired this main-gauche from an attacker. The fight was over quickly as the man was not very skilled, but this weapon allowed him to make a better defense than his skill would allow. Andar started using it after his original broke. He had the blade and hilt reworked by a sword master in Gaden and Senaria fortified the magic.

Andar's Main-Gauche

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